Craig Hamilton-Parker

Craig Hamilton-Parker

Craig has studied thousands of paranormal photos over the years, and today he’s a world expert on the subject. In his Fate & Fortune column, 'Phantoms On Film', Craig delivers his astonishing verdicts on your own spooky snaps. ‘It’s fascinating to think that the spirit world can make an appearance in people’s ordinary snaps,’ he says. ‘While many odd things that crop up on photos can be dismissed as a technical flaw, I see a significant number that simply can’t, and I have to conclude that they’re ghosts or spirits. Places of spiritual significance, such as churchyards or ancient stone circles, have strong energies, which increases your chances of capturing photographic evidence of spirits.’ Craig adds that orbs – round white or coloured circles that commonly appear on pictures – can also be the physical manifestation of spirit energy. ‘People regularly capture orbs in haunted houses, and others say they can identify the face of a loved one in their photos. What’s interesting is that such faces often appear in photos taken at birthdays or weddings. It makes sense that spirits would want to take part in these special occasions.’ When he’s not poring over the snaps of Fate & Fortune readers, Craig pens best-selling books on the spirit world, teaches spirit-development groups and spreads the word about the psychic world on TV. He and his wife Jane, also a medium, live in Hampshire with their daughter Danielle – who has inherited the family’s spiritual gift – and three cats.

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