David Wells

David Wells

Are you fascinated by a certain time in history and don’t know why? Got a strange birthmark? Terrified of water? The answer probably lies in your past life or lives, says David Wells. And he’s here to help you unlock them! Each month, David, 47, tunes in psychically to a selection of readers’ letters in his column 'Let Your Past Come Back To Haunt You' and reveals amazing secrets from their past lives. Scots-born David also reveals some of his most dramatic regressions in his monthly casebook, so you can learn how his past-life therapy has helped people turn their lives round, like the lady who felt drawn to domineering, abusive partners because she’d been badly bullied in a past life. After undergoing his own regressions back in the 1990s, David, a former Royal Navy steward, discovered he’d been a soldier in Ancient Greece, a prostitute and a monk. ‘I was so fascinated that I decided to train to be a past-life therapist myself,’ says David. Today he’s one of the UK's top regression experts. ‘Knowing I was a soldier made me realise I have strength and courage. These days, if I’m feeling afraid, I draw on those past-life qualities to help me through.’

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