Derek Acorah

Derek Acorah

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the ‘other side’ is revealed in Derek’s Fate & Fortune column 'Mystic Mysteries'. From psychic children who see ghosts to the ins and outs of an exorcism, Derek answers readers’ questions with the help of his spirit guide, Sam. Derek’s psychic powers first revealed themselves when he was a young lad and he saw the spirit of his grandfather. When he told his grandmother, a medium, she realised Derek had inherited her gifts. ‘She taught me that we all have spirit guides, and that through my lifetime, many guides would come and go,’ says Derek, 58. ‘But she said that my main guide was from Ethiopia, and that one day he’d introduce himself. Years later, I was at home, listening to music, when a voice said: “Hello, Derek,”’ he recalls. ‘I looked round, expecting to see someone. There was nobody there! Then the voice added: “I’m Sam.”’ They’d been together in a past life 2,000 years ago in Africa, when Derek was an orphan and Sam had cared for him. Now, with Sam’s help, Derek, who lives in Southport with his wife Gwen, is recognised worldwide for his amazing mediumship. He says: ‘Sam is always by my side helping me pass on messages from the spirit world to grieving loved ones and proving that when we die it’s not the end.’

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