Gordon Smith

Gordon Smith

Every month, gifted medium Gordon Smith reveals the hidden meaning of your dreams and gives his psychic insight into what dream symbols could mean for you. ‘Dreams absolutely fascinate me,’ says Gordon. ‘As a child, I used to have lots of dreams that turned out to be premonitions – I’d dream something, and then a while later, it would happen. It sparked a lifelong interest, and now I love using my psychic powers to help me interpret the dreams of Fate & Fortune readers.’ Born in the Gorbals area of Glasgow, Gordon, 46, discovered his psychic ability when he was seven years old. He saw a family friend walking up the street and they stopped to chat. It was only later that Gordon learned the man had died two weeks earlier. Being able to sense, see and hear spirits never frightened him at all. But Gordon pushed his psychic abilities aside while training as a gymnast. At 24, he reconnected with his spiritual side, when the spirit of a friend’s brother appeared by his bed. ‘I found out later that he had died that night in a tragic fire,’ recalls Gordon. ‘I went along to a spiritualist church to understand more, and during the service, a medium told me I’d be speaking from the platform one day!’ Gordon kept up his day job as a barber – hence his nickname, the ‘psychic barber’ – but began development classes. Today, his spiritual powers are renowned throughout the world – and he regularly speaks on the platform at spiritualist churches, just as predicted!

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