Leanna Greenaway

Leanna Greenaway

Leanna is Fate & Fortune's fantastic white witch, and each month, her 'Real Magic' column will cast a spell on you! Mum-of-two Leanna offers magical advice to solve readers' problems. Follow her easy-to-do spells on everything from keeping your kids safe on the streets to making your man do his share of the housework! Learn all you ever wanted to know about magic as Leanna opens up her own spell book and shares the secrets of her world with you. Married to electronics engineer Graeme, Leanna, 38, and her family share their Devon farmhouse with five cats, three dogs and numerous chickens. She also grows her own herbs, which are often used in her spells. Raised in a spiritually aware household, Leanna has always had a fascination with magic. 'It isn't about cauldrons and broomsticks any more,' she says. 'It's modern and practical, and you can spell-cast using things you have lying about the house, like candles and salt. I love playing about with spells. Once I've got the ingredients right, I can pass on a bit of magic to you.' If you'd like Leanna's advice or want to marvel at her magical abilities, read her column only in Fate & Fortune. A spellbinding world awaits you.

• If you have a problem you'd like Leanna's help with, click here. For one of her ready-made spells, click here.


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