Mandy Masters

Mandy Masters

Once you’ve read Mandy Masters’ fantastic 'Voices From Beyond' column, we guarantee you’ll be hooked. Be a fly on the wall as Essex-based Mandy, 46, makes contact with readers’ relatives in the spirit world and then scan the column to see if there is a personal message for you – each month, Mandy’s spirit guide, Meaden, gives her a selection of messages specially for Fate & Fortune readers. Mandy also works with her spirit guides to answer your problems on her agony aunt page. Tell her your worries and receive her psychic reply. Born without arms due to the thalidomide drug scandal, Mandy grew up to develop incredible psychic powers. ‘I feel my role in life is to give people proof that the spirit world exists,’ she says. ‘During a reading I can tell you what you have been doing in the last few days, recount conversations you have had and even remind you of the thoughts that have been running through your head,’ Mandy adds. ‘All this information is passed on to me from your spirit guides. It is their way of showing you that they are still very much around you and truly care.’ Mandy is so highly regarded as a psychic, her waiting list for private readings is currently six months, but write in to her at Fate & Fortune and you could find yourself chosen for a one-to-one reading.

If there is someone in the spirit world you would like to make contact with, or if you have a question or problem you would like Mandy to answer, click here. To subscribe to Fate & Fortune and never miss an issue, click here.


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