Pattie Greenberg

Pattie Greenberg

Psychic artist Pattie Greenberg doesn’t just tell you who your guardian angel is – she also paints their picture! Every month in Fate & Fortune, Pattie picks a reader’s letter, then uses her powers as a psychic and healer to tune into the angelic realm to discover who that person’s angel is. ‘As well as guardian angels who are relatives, we all have a higher angel, too, someone who is a a highly evolved spirit,’ explains Pattie. ‘My role is to show you who they are by painting their picture and passing on any message.’ Pattie has been painting guardian angel portraits for more than 20 years. ‘I’m not a trained artist,’ says the grandmother-of-two from North London. ‘I channel what the angels want me to. I start getting a sense of the colours and shapes I should be using. I feel really happy as I’m drawing, because I know the picture will give the person who receives it real support and protection. It deepens the connection between a person and their guardian angel, and helps the angel to bring them positive energy.’

If you would like Pattie to paint a portrait of your guardian angel, click here.


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