Philip Solomon

Philip Solomon

Forget noisy neighbours... Fate & Fortune readers are more likely to have problems with unwanted spirit presences! And who better to help than our resident ghost buster, Philip Solomon, who features every month in our ‘Help I’m Haunted’ column. As well as being a renowned psychic and healer, Wolverhampton-based Philip regularly investigates ‘hauntings’ around the Black Country and has written many books on ghosts and the paranormal. ‘I have no problem when people say they don’t believe in ghosts,’ says Philip, whose parents were mediums. ‘I think you should be open minded and challenge these things. For every case I investigate, out of a hundred, 99 would have a logical explanation. But there is always one that you just can’t explain.’  So if you’ve got something you suspect is ‘paranormal activity’ going on in your home, drop Philip a line, and if your letter is chosen to appear in ‘Help I’m Haunted’, he’ll tune in remotely to get to the bottom of what’s going on.

If you would like some advice from Philip Solomon about your haunted house, click here. Don't forget to include photos of your home!


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