Sally Morgan

Sally Morgan

You’ve probably seen her on the telly, and now the amazing psychic Sally Morgan is here to help Fate & Fortune readers, too! Each month, Sally calls on the spirit world to answer your questions in her Psychic Circle. ‘These spirit messengers could be your deceased relatives, or people in spirit who care about you,’ she explains. ‘I work purely from the images they give me, which pop into my head like a film. And no matter how obscure the image, I have to share it because I believe the information being given is for that person and not for me.’ Sally’s incredible gift first became apparent when she was a little girl, although those around her didn’t know what to make of it initially. ‘People couldn’t get their head around the fact that I knew things before they did,’ she recalls. ‘They thought I must have been eavesdropping on conversations, or secretly opening the post! I was ridiculed and told I was naughty. And I used to think: “Why are they saying that? I’m not being naughty. I’m just telling them what I can see.”’ But now no one is in any doubt that Sally's gift is something extraordinarily special, as we're sure you'll agree.

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