Dieting and Food spells

Encourage your kids to eat healthily

No more junk food

You will need:
A photo of your child/children
A few mint leaves
Three tall white candles
A bowl of fruit

On a full moon, place the photo on a table, surrounded by mint leaves
(for peace), and light the candles. Next, hold the bowl of fruit in
your hands and repeat these words seven times:

Shift excess flab

Restore your willpower

You will need:
Camomile tea leaves/bags

Camomile tea can be used to magically cleanse your system and help shift that excess weight. Make a brew, and as you sip it, imagine yourself at your ideal weight. When the tea is finished, repeat this mantra:

'I cleanse my soul to reach my goal,
The power of will I shall instill.
Healthy within, slender and slim.
So mote it be.’


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