Family and Friends spells

Heal a rift with a friend

Offer an olive branch

You will need:
Seven sprigs of fresh rosemary
Seven pink carnations
One piece of pale blue paper

Place the rosemary and carnations together in a vase. Magically cleanse them by drawing a spiral in ink on the pale blue piece of paper, then write your friend’s name next to it. Put this beside the vase and say these words:

‘Take distractions away, just for a day,
With kindness and strength, and regret at bay,
Listen to me, so mote it be.’

Heal quarrels between siblings

Restore harmony

 You will need:
A small photo of each sibling
Some glue
One metre of white silk thread

Take the photos and glue them together with the pictures facing each
other. Wrap them with the silk thread, binding them round and round as
you say:

Settling toddlers at nursery or playgroup

Candle magic can help

You will need:
Your child’s favourite toy or teddy
Several quartz crystals
One white candle

Place the toy on a table and surround it with small pieces of quartz crystal. Light the candle and silently ask Paige, the angel of children, for help:

Troublesome exes

Make them history

You will need:
Several tiny mirrors
Six white candles
A fireproof bowl
A small piece of turquoise


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