Health and Well-being spells

Aid recovery from illness

Revitalise your body

You will need:
Three teacups of milk
Six nettle leaves (preferably fresh)
One yellow candle
One gold candle
One orange candle

Milk contains magical properties, which can restore and revitalise. Warm the milk in a pan with the nettle leaves. Strain the nettles, run a bath and pour in the milk potion. Arrange the candles (which represent the Wiccan colours of healing) around the bath and light them. Recite these words:

Boosting energy

If you need some get-up-and-go

You will need:
A clear quartz crystal
Nine fresh mint leaves
A cotton wool ball

Clear quartz crystal will draw out tiredness, so carry one with you at all times, while mint has healing powers and can be used to make an energy-boosting potion. Place the mint leaves in a glass of water and leave for at least two hours. At bedtime, dip the cotton wool ball in water, run it across your forehead and say:

Positive thinking when ill

Heal mind, body and soul

You will need:
A few drops of lavender oil
Three small magnets

Massage the lavender oil into the area of the body that needs healing and place the small magnets on it. If your illness is more widespread, place one magnet in the centre of your forehead, one four inches above your navel and one just below the navel (these are important energy centres, or chakras). Close your eyes and meditate for a few minutes, then recite three times:

Preventing hair loss

Restore your crowning glory

You will need:
Morning dew

Using a small cup, collect as much dew as you can. After washing your
hair, massage the dew into it (do not rinse out). Ancient peoples
believed that dew held the magical properties needed to stimulate hair


Stop smoking

Stub out that habit

You will need:
One cigarette
A fireproof dish
A white candle

Break the cigarette into pieces, crumbling the tobacco, and put this into a fireproof dish. Write your name on a piece of paper 10 times and place it in the dish. Now light a white candle and set fire to the contents of the dish, reciting this mantra:


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