Luck spells

Banishing bad luck

Ask a unicorn

You will need:
12 white tea lights
Picture or ornament of a white unicorn

On the first night of a new moon, place the candles in a circle on the kitchen table. Inside the circle, put the unicorn image or ornament. Light the candles and say the following three times:

‘Take forth this ill luck and bring peace to its space,
Magnificent moon, engulf and embrace.
Angel of harmony, shine magical power,
All that is harmful be gone in this hour.’

Boosting your luck

Take positive action

You will need:
Several white tea lights
Some salt

Start by having a good spring clean in your home. Get in every nook and cranny, and don’t forget lampshades and windows, as a build-up of dirt and dust can trap negative energies. In the evening, light a tea light in every room of the house and sprinkle a little salt (to help spiritually cleanse) on the floor in each as you recite these words:

‘Ill fate be gone,
I shall have none.’

Removing negative energy

Ask the angels

You will need:
Nine white tea lights
Nine sage leaves
Relaxing music
A small bag or pouch


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