TJ Higgs

TJ Higgs

Every month in Fate & Fortune, top psychic TJ Higgs looks into unsolved mysteries from past decades. If someone has gone missing, or there are worrying questions hanging over a conviction, TJ uses her psychic skills to get to the truth. Who was the infamous man in the iron mask? Whatever happened to nine-year-old Walter Collins? And how did blues legend Robert Johnson really die? These aren’t the first cases TJ has cracked using her mediumship skills. She has starred in two series of Psychic Private Eyes on TV, helping to solve more than 20 unexplained cold-case crimes. ‘I use a number of different mediumistic techniques to help me get to the truth,’ says mum-of-two TJ. ‘These can range from interpreting visions in my dreams, to using psychometry or hearing songs and seeing symbols. It’s gruelling work, but if I can bring a measure of peace to a victim's family, I feel it's a job well done.’

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